Everything you need to know about Haksons Pearl Pigments !

Everything you need to know about Haksons Pearl Pigments !

At BohriAli, we love colour, which means that we love our resin pigments. In fact, Haksons were called “the Paint People”. When we created our Haksons Pearl Pigments, we wanted to make sure we created the highest quality product possible, that adds to works of craft to create a finish like no other.
Made from Mica powders, and very finely mined and ethically sourced they are highly concentrated pigments that work well with a variety of mediums.

What are the Haksons Pearl Pigments?

Essentially, pearl pigments are made up of actual particles that cannot dissolve but work with a variety of mediums like resin, acrylic pours, PVA glue to mix and add a sheen. When mixed, these colours create liquid gold! It looks incredible.

There are two kinds of pearl powders you can choose from, depending on the kind of project you’re working with.


  • Dense, heavy and coarse
    The gold ones, are generally heavy. These are used to make resin geodes. These are likely to sink.
  • Superfine
    These are used when you need the particles to float, like when one is making river tables with epoxy resin.


What are the Haksons Pearl Pigments?

Haksons Pearl Pigments are super safe powders, and can even be used by children. (However, for resin safety, we recommend you read this article!)

They are non-toxic and can be used with your bare hands. Although these pigments are made with the same material makeup products, that is mica like eyeshadows are made with, they are NOT cosmetic grade.

However, to create craft products and resin projects, the Haksons Pearl Pigments are 100% safe.

We have some incredible colours for you to choose from. Colours like steel grey, periwinkle, plum, raspberry red, coffee dust, glacial green and our favourite, DEEP GOLD.

Incorporate Haksons Pearl Pigments into your craft and resin endeavors, and watch as your creations come to life with a mesmerizing luster. We can't wait to see the incredible pieces you'll craft using these pigments. So, get ready to add that extra touch of magic and brilliance to your projects, and let your imagination run wild. We can’t wait to see what you create! Happy crafting!


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