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An Ideal Kit to get you started with Resin. Haksons High Gloss is to be used with a base or for coatings. With improvement formulation, it can now also be used for castings.

Our Haksons Resin Art Starter kit contains are best selling Haksons High Gloss Epoxy Resin (300 ml pack), Haksons Concentrated Pigments , Haksons Pearl Gold Powder and 1 pair of Nitrile Powder Free Gloves  to get you on your way to creating your resin art masterpiece. 

The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is buy this kit and refer our pinterest board or our blog to get a world of ideas! 


This is a pack of two bottles consisting of Haksons Epoxy Resin and Hardener. It has to be used in a ratio of 2:1. Detailed instructions on preparation of the epoxy clear coat are mentioned on the label and graphic above. Do not mix more than 600 ml in one go! The mixture is an exothermic reaction and more the resin, more is the heat generated. Be extremely careful during summers, because the resin and hardener are more conducive to reaction and will generate a lot of heat if kept for a longer period of time!

The Haksons Epoxy Resin and Hardener cures completely in 24 hours.

After it cures totally you will get a thick, glossy topcoat that graces the surface of artwork, photographs and wood giving it a gorgeous modern look. This will give a thick protective sheen to your surface.

It's time to get that look for yourself. And it's totally doable. The application of the epoxy resin requires no professional skills and can be used for a number of applications like paintings, table tops, jewellery, electronics (Potting and sealing), sculptures, name plates, and much much more. A brief look at our pinterest board will give you an insight into the number of things you can do with the Haksons Resin and Hardener. 

Haksons Epoxy Resin and Hardener can be tinted in a variety of colours by mixing Haksons Concentrated Pigments with it. These are available in a variety of beautiful colours which can be purchased from our website. We also have Glow in the dark pigment which can be mixed or used as a different media in the Epoxy Resin. Use an artist's blow torch to get rid of air bubbles from the surface of the Haksons Epoxy resin top coat.

Use the Sprayons Mould Release Spray to help you release the Haksons Resin and Hardener from the mould. 

A small demo of the application of Haksons Resin and Hardener on wooden planks to make a table top is displayed below!

Visit our blog to know how to use this beautiful product for a number of applications.

Open up a world of possibilities by visiting our Pinterest board




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