Create a Masterpiece with Epoxy Resin Furniture Upcycling!

Create a Masterpiece with Epoxy Resin Furniture Upcycling!

Do you have furniture around your house that needs an upcycle? We’ve got you covered. This technique can be used on any flat wooden side table, dining table or chair! Here’s your guide to create a flawless finish resin furniture on your own.


Materials Used:


Step 1: Attaching the coarse grit sandpaper, begin by sanding off any finish that might be on the wood. Next, use the finer grit paper to create a smooth surface for the resin part of resin furniture.

Step 2: Get rid of the sawdust with a damp cloth and let your surface dry completely.

Step 3: Measure out the resin needed using an area calculator, mix and cure the resin in a plastic container. Measurement for Haksons resin is 100ml for 1sq.ft with 1mm thickness.

Step 4: Once cured, pour your resin on the wood and spread it to the edges using a plastic scraper.

Step 5: Get rid of all bubbles with the Artist Blow Torch. Cover your surface and 24 hours later it’s ready to use!


Remember, upcycling not only gives your furniture a fresh lease on life but also contributes to sustainability by reducing waste. So, don't hesitate to embark on this exciting DIY journey and let your creativity flow.



@krishnatolia – She is a self-taught artist from Mumbai who draws most of her inspiration from nature and loves the conflicting simplicity and complexity of abstract art.

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Happy upcycling!

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