Haksons PRIME CAST Resin (3:1)

Clarity and Consistency for Large Projects.
Low to Medium Viscosity

Designed for larger and more demanding projects, the 3:1 resin is optimal for:

1. Deep Mold Casting: Perfect for creating large sculptures or furniture pieces, offering a flawless finish with minimal bubbles.

2. Table Tops and Counters: Provides a tough, protective coating that resists scratches and UV rays, preserving the beauty and longevity of your surfaces.

3. Creative Projects Requiring Clarity: Allows for layers and sections to be built up without compromising on clarity or quality.

Ratio: 3:1
Size: 1 Kg
Sale priceRs. 1,138.80 INR
Prime Resin Variants:
Haksons PRIME ART Resin (2:1)Haksons PRIME CAST Resin (3:1)


Professional Grade, Exceptional Value

Elevate Your Craft with Haksons Prime Resin & Hardener

Ideal for Resin & Wood Tables

Ensures a flawless, long-lasting finish for furniture and decorative surfaces.

UV Resistance

Protects your projects from yellowing and degradation under sunlight.

Auto Bubble Release

Achieves a smooth, bubble-free finish effortlessly, enhancing the clarity and quality of your castings.

Technical Specifications

Property Value
Ratio 3:1
Pot Life 45 minutes
Overcoat Time 7 to 8 hours
Cure Time 24 hours
Viscosity Low to Medium
Pouring Thickness 13 to 15 mm
U.V. Resistance Yes
Bubble Release Yes
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