Haksons PRIME ART Resin (2:1)

Speed and Versatility for Vibrant Art
Medium to High Viscosity

Perfectly tailored for artistic ventures, the 2:1 resin blend excels in:

1. Geode and Ocean Art: Capture the intricate beauty of nature with crystal-clear results that enhance every detail.

2. Top Coats: Achieve a glass-like finish on surfaces, protecting your artwork with a durable, high-gloss layer.

3. Small Mold Casting: Ideal for smaller projects, this resin provides quick setting times and excellent detail fidelity.

Ratio: 2:1
Size: 1.5 Kg (Rs. 732/Kg)
Sale priceRs. 1,318.80 INR
Prime Resin Variants:
Haksons PRIME ART Resin (2:1)Haksons PRIME CAST Resin (3:1)

Unleash your artistic potential with Haksons Prime Art Resin (2:1), specifically formulated for artists seeking precision and durability in their creative works. This medium to high viscosity resin is your go-to solution for stunning geode art, vibrant ocean scenes, and glossy top coats. Ideal for both professional artists and craft enthusiasts, it offers excellent color stability and a quick curing time, enabling faster project completion without compromising quality.

Perfect for small mold castings, Haksons Prime Art Resin ensures every detail is captured flawlessly, making it the preferred choice for intricate designs. Its superior self-leveling properties and fast cure rate make it easy to achieve a smooth, crystal-clear finish that highlights the depth and vibrancy of your art.

Whether you’re creating bespoke jewelry, decorative home items, or large-scale art installations, Haksons Prime Art Resin delivers consistent results every time. Embrace the freedom to create with a resin that’s as versatile as it is reliable.


Professional Grade, Exceptional Value

Elevate Your Craft with Haksons Prime Resin & Hardener

Ideal for Geode and Ocean Art

Unleash your creativity with perfect precision and vibrant colors.

Fast Cure

Achieves full strength in just 7 to 8 hours, speeding up your art projects

Best in Class

Engineered for exceptional quality and outstanding results.

Technical Specifications

Property Value
Ratio 2:1
Pot Life 15 minutes
Overcoat Time 7 to 8 hours
Cure Time 13 hours
Viscosity Medium
Pouring Thickness 8 to 10 mm
U.V. Resistance Yes
Bubble Release Yes
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