#1 Cosmic Dreams Resin Coasters - 100 Days, 100 Designs

#1 Cosmic Dreams Resin Coasters - 100 Days, 100 Designs

Materials Used:

1. MDF Coasters

2. Haksons Gesso / Universal Primer

3. Black Acrylic Paint

4. Haksons Prime Art Resin (2:1)

5. Haksons Opaque Pigment - Black

6. Haksons Pearl Pigments (Mica) - White, Comet, Posh Red, Special Gold

7. Haksons Fluorescent Pigments - Dark Blue and Pink

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Preparation:

Start by priming the MDF coasters with a mix of Haksons Gesso / Universal Primer and black acrylic paint. This helps create a smooth, dark surface for the resin to adhere to.

2. Mixing the Resin:

Mix Haksons Prime Art Resin according to the 2:1 ratio specified. Ensure it’s thoroughly mixed to avoid any sticky spots.

Divide the mixed resin into separate cups for different colors.

3. Adding Pigments:

Add Haksons Opaque Pigment (Black) to one cup of resin to create a deep, solid base.

In other cups, add Haksons Pearl Pigments (White, Comet, Posh Red, Special Gold) and Haksons Fluorescent Pigments (Blue & Pink) to create vibrant, cosmic colors.

4. Pouring the Resin:

Start by pouring the black resin onto the coasters as a base layer.

Add the colored resins in small amounts, swirling them together to create an abstract, galaxy-like effect.

Use a toothpick or a heat gun to gently move the resin and blend the colors further, enhancing the cosmic look.

5. Clear Coat (Optional):

Once the resin has cured, you can pour a clear coat of resin over the final outcome for a glossy, protective finish.

6. Curing:

Let the coasters cure for at least 12 hours in a dust-free environment.


Mistakes We Made & Tips to Avoid Them:

1. Color Balance:

Mistake: We felt like we added too much of each color. In a galaxy-themed piece, more black should have shown through.

Tip: Use black as the dominant color and add other colors sparingly to achieve a true galaxy look.

2. Working too slowly:

Mistake: This was poured in the summer, so the resin was setting faster than expected. The final twirls left marks, which we had to cover with another layer of clear resin.

Tip: Work quickly in warmer temperatures and consider adding a clear coat to smooth out any imperfections.

3. Uneven Surface:

Mistake: After pouring the first black layer, we realized the table wasn’t level, even though we had checked it before pouring. The resin was sliding towards one side.

Tip: We used candy sticks under two of the four corners to level it out. Double-check the level of your surface before and during the pouring process.

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