#12 Stone Shimmer CLock

#12 Stone Shimmer CLock

Welcome to Day 12 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Stone Shimmer Clock,” combining the elegance of Jesmonite with the shimmer of resin.

Materials Used:

1. Clock Mould by @nicolemould

2.  Haksons Prime Cast Resin (3:1)

3. Jesmonite AC730 Silver Granite Base

4. Jesmonite Black Pigment

5. Hydrochloric Acid

6. Haksons Beeswax Sealant


Step-by-Step Process:

1. Preparing the Mould:

We started by taking a clock mould from @nicolemould. In the numbers, we filled clear resin mixed with white shimmer and waited for it to cure.

2. Mixing and Pouring Jesmonite:

Once the resin numbers cured, we mixed Jesmonite AC730 Silver Granite base with black pigment. We poured this mixture into the clock mould and allowed it to set.

3. Demoulding and Acid Etching:

After the Jesmonite set, we demoulded the clock. Using hydrochloric acid and a toothbrush, we carefully acid etched the surface to achieve the desired texture.

4. Cleaning and Finishing:

We washed the clock thoroughly, waited for it to dry, and then applied beeswax to enhance the finish.

5. Assembling the Clock:

Finally, we took the clock to a clock shop to fix the clock mechanism, completing our elegant Stone Shimmer Clock.


Creating this Stone Shimmer Clock was a delightful and insightful process. By following the steps above, you can create your own unique and stylish clocks.



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