#11 Evil SpongeBob Planter

#11 Evil SpongeBob Planter

Welcome to Day 11 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Evil SpongeBob Planter,” a fun and vibrant piece crafted by @ministryofmagic.


Materials Used:

1. Planter Mould

2. Jesmonite AC100

3. Haksons White Primer / Gesso

4. Yellow Artist’s Acrylic Paint

5. Haksons Chalk Paints

6. Haksons Black Chalk Paint


Step-by-Step Process:

1. Casting the Planter:

We started by casting plain Jesmonite AC100 in a planter mould. Once set, we demoulded the planter.

2. Applying Primer:

After demoulding, we applied Haksons white primer/gesso to the planter’s surface to create a smooth base for painting.

3. Base Painting:

We painted the entire planter with yellow artist’s acrylic paint, ensuring even coverage.

4. Drawing the Outline:

Using a pencil, we carefully drew the outline of the Evil SpongeBob character on the planter.

5. Painting the Details:

We used various Haksons chalk paints to fill in different parts of the character, bringing it to life with vibrant colors.

6. Outlining:

Finally, we outlined the character with Haksons black chalk paint to define the details and complete the look.

7. Seal with Haksons Beeswax


Things We Could Do Better:

We opted not to lightly sand the planter after applying the primer, which resulted in visible brush marks. Light sanding would help achieve a smoother finish.


Creating this Evil SpongeBob Planter was a delightful and insightful process. By following the steps above and learning from our mistakes, you can create your own unique and vibrant planters. 


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