#13 Honey Marbled Jar

#13 Honey Marbled Jar

Welcome to Day 13 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Honey Marbled Jar,” featuring a striking marbling technique using Jesmonite AC100.

Materials Used:

1. Jesmonite AC100

2. Jesmonite Pigments: Bright Yellow, White, Black

3. Winnie Jar Mould by Boowan Nicole


Step-by-Step Process:

1. Mixing Jesmonite:

We first mixed enough Jesmonite AC100 for the jar and divided it into three cups.

2. Preparing the Colors:

In one cup, we poured yellow and white pigments, half and half. The black pigment was kept separate in another cup.

3. Creating the Marbling Effect:

While pouring the yellow and white mixture into the mould, we simultaneously poured the black pigment into the stream of the yellow and white mixture. This technique created the beautiful marbling effect seen on the jar.

4. Seal with Haksons Beeswax


Mistakes / Things We Could Do Better:

The black pigment started mixing into the yellow and white pigments, giving a slightly dirty look. Ensuring precise pouring techniques can help avoid this issue.


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