River Table Workshop (Pune)

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Size: Standard (10 x 12 inches)
Date: 16-17th September

Bohriali's River Table Workshops are more than just a lesson in woodworking. They are a life-changing experience that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to explore their creativity, art and the world of resin. Our hands-on classes provide a unique environment where participants can think with their hands, challenge themselves and push their limits. Each workshop is an opportunity to meet new people, including seasoned artists, hobbyists, interior designers, architects, IT engineers, students, craftsmen, and businessmen, all united in their quest to learn and grow. With Bohriali's expert guidance, you will be inspired to create stunning pieces that reflect your artistic ability and imagination. Join us for an intense weekend of Doing and discover the joy of creating something truly unique.


Join our River Table Workshops and let Bohriali's expert guidance inspire you to create stunning pieces with newfound confidence.


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