Jesmonite AC 730 Retarder

Size: 100 grams
Sale priceRs. 238.80 INR

Jesmonite Retarder is an additive that can be mixed with Jesmonite liquid resin to extend the setting time of the composite material. This allows for more working time and greater control over the curing process. There are different types of Jesmonite Retarder, one is compatible with Jesmonite AC100 and a separate one is for cement-based Jesmonite AC730, so it is important to select the correct retarder compatible for the material that you are working on.

The retarder can be added to the pre-weighed liquids to extend the pot-life of the mixed material. Typical inclusion rates are between 2g-8g per kilogram of mix, but it is recommended to perform a small test as the precise timing is dependent on both temperature and mix size. A 2% addition will make the set time approximately 25-30 minutes. However, it's important to note that set times can be affected by factors such as temperature and humidity, so it is recommended to perform tests in the specific workshop environment.