Jesmonite AC 730 Flex Metal - Copper

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Size: 325 grams
Color: Copper Flex Metal
Metal Shades Available:

Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats are a revolutionary new material that allows you to achieve the look and feel of real metal in a durable and versatile water-based acrylic resin coating. These gel coats are formulated using real metal powder, which gives them an accurate replica of metal, making it perfect for architectural and design projects that require a premium finish.

One of the most impressive features of Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats is their versatility. They can be used on a wide range of substrates, including wood, plaster and metal. They can also be shaped and molded into various forms and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The material can be polished to reveal the metal powders and finished to mimic the appearance of real metal, and also achieve a fire rating of B-s1-d0 and fully compatible with Jesmonite AC730 and AC830, making them an ideal choice for cladding panels, architectural elements, sculpture, tableware, furniture, water features, lighting elements and decorative tiles.


The use of real metal powder in the formulation of Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats gives the material an authentic and realistic metal finish.


Creating a Unique Look with Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats in Copper Finish

Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats in Copper finish are a decorative solution for achieving a realistic and authentic copper look in moulded materials. The gel coat is formulated using real metal powder that gives the copper finish its warm, reddish-brown color and metallic shine.

Copper is a popular metal for decorative and architectural elements due to its unique color and ability to take on a patina over time. It is known for its warm, reddish-brown color that can range from a light, almost pinkish shade to a deep, rich brown.

In terms of home decor, copper can add a sense of warmth and uniqueness to a space. It can be used in the form of sculptures, vases, cand holders, frames, and other decorative objects. It can also be used in hardware, such as door knobs and cabinet pulls, to add a touch of elegance to a room.

When used in interior design, copper can complement a wide range of color palettes and styles. It can work well with neutral colors and natural materials, such as wood and stone. It can also add a sense of elegance and richness to more traditional or formal spaces.

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Jesmonite: A Trusted and Sustainable Choice Since 1980

Jesmonite is a range of eco-friendly materials used by artists, manufacturers, and architects for a variety of applications. The company was founded in the 1980s by Peter Hawkin, and their most popular product, AC100, is still sold worldwide today.
Jesmonite materials are water-based and use ingredients sourced through local supply chains to minimize CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. The company is committed to supplying eco-friendly products and achieving carbon neutral status.
Jesmonite is known for its versatility and ability to replicate a wide range of textures and fine details. It can be used to create anything from jewelry to coasters to table tops, and offers a range of colors, textures, and finishes.
Jesmonite is a go-to material for artists worldwide due to its environmentally friendly resin and endless design potential.


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