Jesmonite AC 100 Retarder

Pack Size: 100 grams
Sale priceRs. 238.80 INR

Jesmonite AC100 Retarder is a liquid additive specifically designed for use with Jesmonite AC100, a water-based composite material. It is mixed with the liquid component of the Jesmonite AC100 to extend the setting time of the mixture, allowing for more working time and greater control over the curing process. The retarder also helps to reduce the exotherm (heat generated by the curing reaction) and can improve the final surface finish of the cured material.

The typical inclusion rate is between 2-8 grams per kilogram of mix, but it is important to note that set times can be affected by factors such as temperature and humidity, so it is recommended to perform tests in the specific workshop environment. This retarder is suitable for use with Jesmonite AC100, and is not recommended for other Jesmonite composite materials. Jesmonite AC100 Retarder is a versatile product that is ideal for use in a wide range of applications including sculpture, architectural features, and large-scale castings.