Haksons Resin Colour Drops - Deep Red

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Size: 30 grams
Color: Deep Red


Creates a finish that is truly ablaze with vibrant hues

Haksons Colour Drops are specially formulated translucent pigments designed to work seamlessly with epoxy resin art kit
and hardener. These pigments are designed to add a unique and vibrant touch to your art and craft projects. With four shades to choose from, deep pink, violet, iceberg blue, and deep red, you can create a range of different effects for your work. The pigments are easy to use, providing consistent and high-quality finish. These pigments are suitable for various types of art and craft projects such as resin art, tumblers, coasters and geodes, allowing you to enhance your work and add a special touch to your project.

Unleash Your Creativity with Haksons Colour Drops


Deep Red is a bold and vibrant color, it adds excitement and passion to any artwork. It pairs well with other warm shades like orange and yellow, and it also complements neutral shades like black and white. This shade is perfect for creating a bold and striking effects, it can be used to create artwork that conveys power and energy or to create a statement piece that will be the focal point in any room. Use Deep Red to make a statement, as it's perfect for any project that requires a bold and striking look.

Concentrated Pigments vs Colour Drops - Understand the Differences and Enhance Your Art and Craft Work

Haksons Pigments: Choose the Right One for Your Project

Haksons Concentrated Pigments Haksons Colour Drops
Wide range of shades available Translucent pigments for consistent and vibrant color
Requires more mixing and layering for desired result Leaves little to no unmixed pigment when mixed properly
Can be more versatile and offer more color options Limited range of shades available
Both Haksons Concentrated Pigments and Haksons Colour Drops are long lasting, stable and high quality, but if you're looking for a cleaner finish and more consistent color, Haksons Colour Drops could be a great option for your next project.


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