Haksons Fluorescent Paint - Violet

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Size: 100 grams
Color: Violet
Shades Available in Fluorescent Pigments:

Haksons fluorescent acrylic paints are a vibrant and eye-catching addition to any artist's toolkit. These paints are specially formulated to create bright, neon-like effects when exposed to UV light, making them perfect for adding a touch of fluorescent flair to your artwork.

Whether you're looking to create bold, dramatic pieces or more subtle, understated accents, Haksons fluorescent paints have you covered. With a range of colors available, you can mix and match to create a virtually endless array of effects.

In addition to their fluorescent properties, these paints are also water-based and non-toxic, making them safe and easy to use. Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, Haksons fluorescent paints are a fun and exciting way to add some color to your artwork.


With their luminous, neon-like effect, Haksons fluorescent acrylic paints are sure to make your artwork stand out and demand attention.

What does this colour add to your project?

Violet Haksons fluorescent paints add a bright, vibrant touch to your artwork. This color is associated with creativity, spirituality, and mystery, and is perfect for adding a touch of drama and intrigue to your piece.

When applied, violet Haksons fluorescent paints will bring a sense of mystery and drama to your artwork. The bright, neon-like effect will catch the eye and add a bold, dramatic touch to your piece.

In terms of the effects that violet Haksons fluorescent paints can add to your artwork, this color is perfect for creating accents and highlights that demand attention. Whether you're looking to create a bold, eye-catching piece or a more subtle, understated effect, violet Haksons fluorescent paints can help you achieve your desired aesthetic.


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