Haksons Beeswax Sealant: Durable, Food-Safe Sealer for All Surfaces

The wax providing protection and shine to all surfaces

1. Versatile Use: Suitable for Jesmonite, wood, concrete, cement, metal, and stone surfaces.

2. Sheen Finish: Provides a beautiful sheen, making surfaces appear shiny and well-maintained.

3. Easy Application: Soft and pliable texture ensures effortless application with a sponge or cloth.

4. Durable Protection: Offers long-lasting protection against moisture and wear.

5. Food-Safe Ingredients: Made with food-safe ingredients, ensuring safe use on surfaces that may come into contact with food.

Sale priceRs. 226.80 INR
Size: 30 grams

Haksons Beeswax Sealant is the ultimate solution for protecting and enhancing the beauty of your surfaces. Our expertly crafted formula combines pure beeswax, carnauba wax, and mineral oil to provide a durable, easy-to-apply protective layer that works on a wide variety of surfaces, including Jesmonite, wood, concrete, cement, metal, and stone.


Shield and enhance every surface with a glossy, durable finish.

Multi-surface Application

Jesmonite / Cement

Enhances and protects delicate Jesmonite surfaces.


Brings out the natural grain and luster of wooden surfaces.


Protects metal surfaces from oxidation and enhances shine.


Adds a protective, glossy layer to concrete and cement structures.


Seals and highlights the natural beauty of stone surfaces.


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