Bundle: Haksons Sealer + Gloss Coat for Concrete | Jesmonite

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The Haksons Sealer and Gloss Coat bundle is an innovative solution for protecting and enhancing various surfaces including concrete and Jesmonite. The bundle includes two products, Haksons Sealer and Haksons Gloss Coat, that work together to provide durable, long-lasting protection and a beautiful finish to your surfaces.

Haksons Sealer is a protective coating designed to seal and protect surfaces from damage and discoloration. It can offer up to 5 years of protection, providing a clear, matt finish to the surface, increasing strength and waterproofing capability. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly, allowing you to use it in all weather conditions with confidence.

Haksons Gloss Coat is an innovative coating designed to provide a glossy, clear finish to surfaces, increasing their strength and waterproofing capability. It is formulated with a non-toxic and eco-friendly base, making it safe to use in all weather conditions and ensuring that it is always providing protection. This product is a popular choice due to its low VOC and low odor, and its highly flexible and UV resistant film.

Both products can be easily applied with a brush and roller, making them more accessible than traditional PU coatings. The bundle offers a complete solution for protecting and enhancing your surfaces, giving a lasting and high-quality finish.