Boowan Nicole: Yin Yang Concrete Candle Jar Silicone Mold

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All Boowan Nicole Moulds use FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone

Boowan Nicole moulds are known for their exceptional design and superior craftsmanship. Loved by artists around the globe, these moulds seamlessly combine functionality and artistic vision. Each mould is meticulously designed, offering a wide array of patterns that cater to different artistic styles and mediums.

Bohriali & Boowan Nicole:

A Symphony of Artistry

Bohriali's partnership with Boowan Nicole arises from a shared passion - the celebration of creativity. Bohriali, renowned for its curated collection of artistic tools and accessories, was instinctively drawn to the exceptional craftsmanship of Boowan Nicole's moulds, admired and trusted by the world's finest artists.

Our alliance with Boowan Nicole is a testament to Bohriali's dedication to providing artists with tools that not only cater to their needs but inspire and fuel their creativity. This partnership signals a commitment to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, and setting new benchmarks in the realm of art.

But Bohriali and Boowan Nicole's association transcends business ties. We are a creative endeavour, a movement dedicated to inspiring artists across the globe. Our collective mission is to drive artistic innovation, empower creative expression, and forge a community that values and cherishes the beauty of craftsmanship. We stand together, united in our vision to bring the best of the world to your fingertips

Introducing Boowan Nicole to India

A New Horizon

Bohriali is honored to introduce Boowan Nicole's acclaimed moulds to the thriving artistry of India. By bringing these globally admired tools to our shores, we aim to enrich the creative potential of Indian artists, providing them with new means to express their unique visions.

This partnership opens a gateway for cultural exchange and artistic innovation. It allows Indian artists to connect with global trends and elevate their work to match international standards. With Boowan Nicole, we aim to turn every artistic endeavour into a masterpiece that resonates on a global stage.

Our collaboration is not just about making a product available; it's about nurturing creativity, fostering talent, and igniting a revolution in the Indian artistic landscape. Together, we are committed to emboldening artists and fostering a new wave of Indian artistry that impresses and inspires globally.