Transform the World of Epoxy Resin Art into the mainstream | BohriAli

Transform the World of Epoxy Resin Art into the mainstream | BohriAli

Epoxy Resin sounds like a complex chemical that only trained professionals can use.

The bottles have plenty of instructions, and besides, nobody had seen it in an arts and crafts store. We started playing with epoxy resin several years ago. We made simple coasters and coated some leftover wood. It was incredibly easy to use, and it created the most elegant finished products. We wondered why this material was not used more. 

The vision with Haksons was to bring epoxy resin into every home, into every resin artist supply cabinet, and bring to the mainstream an art form that was satisfying, endearing, and beautiful. In 2015, we first tried packaging resin for the common man. We started creating resin art tutorials so our customers could use them. Between then and now, we have managed to exponentially grow and introduce resin art to thousands of Indians.

Through the years, we met and connected with so many fascinating people. People like you, who supported us, believed in us and gave us incredibly valuable feedback and suggestions.They used our products to create various epoxy resin crafts like furniture, jewellery, and showpieces and pushed the envelope of resin art.  With every passing day, we got more valuable insights, fresh perspectives we needed to incorporate and new problems we needed to solve.

After months of research, planning and thought, we can finally bring to you Haksons, revamped and ready to go!

We wanted to make haksons resin safe and easy to use. Our efforts have resulted in the following enhancements:

  • Custom-made charcoal grey bottles for easy recognition of original Haksons resin products. This box is your gateway to the world of resin art.
  • The new Packaging includes a complete list of specifications, and access to resin art tutorials and tools for both beginners and seasoned artists .
  • QR codes on packaging provide access to both simple and complex instructional videos for inspiration and guidance to use the product.

The past five years have been a journey of exponential growth and intense development.

We are grateful to our users and artists , including resin art for beginners , who took the time to tell us how we could improve. We have spent a whole year trying, failing and then finally figuring out solutions and upgrades. Making improvements is a lifelong process, but this is a tremendous milestone for the BohriAli team.

To those curious as to what exactly the new High Gloss resin is, and whether it in any way compromises on any of the features that were offered in the old resin.

Rest assured, the new High Gloss Resin offers:

  • All the features of the old resin, with one small tweak for an enhanced experience.
  • The ability to cast resin on smaller castings up to 6 millimetres in moulds.
  • Haksons High Gloss is still the same self-levelling, easy-to-use, and pigment-friendly material that it has always been.
  • It is still ideal for creating cells and lacing in resin art.
  • Guaranteed leak-free packaging with a new thicker plug that can only be removed with a screwdriver.

Don't wait any longer to experience the incredible potential of high gloss resin in your artwork. Start creating your unique pieces today by shopping at BohriAli! Check out their selection here!

With your participation, we hope we have come a little closer in showing India that epoxy resin is no longer a chemical, but a product comparable to a box of paints!

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