Start your resin art journey with Purnima’s Winning Tips!

Start your resin art journey with Purnima’s Winning Tips! -

Purnima's Pro Tips to Jumpstart Your Resin Art Workshop

Hello, I am Purnima, a landscape architect and part-time resin artist. In this article, I’m going to talk about my start with resin and how it evolved into something incredible and fulfilling.

I found this fairly fascinating material after my masters as my Instagram feed was filled with incredibly aesthetic photographs of this brilliant medium. I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of infatuation. This made me attend aresin art workshop and discover ocean art.

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The ocean resin art theme has always been one that excites me. I loved the way the white of the resin contrasts with the colours of the ocean to replicate the beauty and texture of the wave. With every piece of art I created, I realised just how brilliant and beautiful this material is. Working with resin can be objectively therapeutic, calming, and addictive. Very soon, it became what I wanted to do full time.

So, to everyone looking to start– here is what I believe you must know about resin art.

Attend resin art workshop 

Googling can be overwhelming, and information fatigue is a real thing. What really worked for me was reaching out and finding a mentor and attending a resin art  workshop near me.

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Find a mentor

The art community in India is incredibly helpful and kind, and everybody is more than willing to share what they have learnt. 

Finding a bunch of experienced resin artists you can approach for questions through your journey can be extremely useful and make you a lot more comfortable. Mistakes are inevitable, but this makes dealing with them easier. 

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Resin for art and the weather go hand in hand, and it really helps to talk to people who have been through multiple seasons and created art in a variety of varying temperatures and humidity levels.

Invest in best quality products

As for selling, an important responsibility as an entrepreneur is to ensure quality. Before you start selling, make sure your product passes your quality checks. Sometimes, products may turn yellow after a month. Some may emit an odour. Some may get oily on the surface. It is imperative that you make sure it doesn’t happen with products you sell.

Just remember that being a seller shouldn't limit your creativity as an artist. So, Using high-quality epoxy resin for art is essential to create a great product, and BohriAli offers a wide range of premium quality resin products that are highly recommended for an overall enhanced finish.

Moreover, if you're a beginner looking to get started in the world of resin art,  BohriAli's epoxy resin DIY kit is perfect for you.

With products and solutions suitable for both beginners and experts, BohriAli has everything and has become the ideal choice for finding the best epoxy resin in India!

There is space for you to succeed and grow, and there is beauty in everything you create. 

Purnima chitale

About the Author- Purnima Chitale

Purnima Chitale studied architecture from Dr. D Y Patil College of Architecture, Pune. She then mastered in landscape architecture from VIT’s PVP College of Architecture, Pune. Her sense of aesthetic made her discover resin art in June 2019. She founded Frozen Motion, her small business where she began selling her works of resin art soon after. Her business has now grown into a following of over a thousand people!

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