How to Decoupage printed paper with Haksons Resin

How to Decoupage printed paper with Haksons Resin

Today, we bring you a craft project specially designed for all the crafters and aspiring crafters out there! For those always on the lookout for unique DIY crafts and craft ideas, this is a perfect addition to your repertoire.


Materials Used:


Step 1: Depending on the size of your project pick your decoupage paper since the wood is 18×18 inches to save any hassle of cutting you can use 6×6 inches sheets spread out over 3 rows and 3 columns.

18 x 18 Inch Plywood

Step 2: Sure about your pattern? Time to stick the paper, since it is thick enough we won’t need any primer base simply take your decoupage glue and spread it out with a paintbrush then press it gently with the tissue paper to avoid any air bubbles

Adjust the pattern

Paste the Pattern

Step 3: Let the bottom layer dry completely next with the paintbrush go over the top with two generous layers of the decoupage glue waiting for each layer to dry in between. Make sure that you seal every edge, corner and the space between each paper perfectly.

Decoupage glue

Apply layers of decoupage

Step 4: Thinking about the brush strokes? It’s time for the haksons resin to shine! Mix your epoxy resin and pour it onto the project. The unique properties of haksons resin will make all that texture vanish, providing a smooth finish!

Pour and Spread the Haksons Resin

Step 5: To get rid of any bubbles use your heat gun on the lowest setting and move it over your piece in a quick motion. Cover your project and 24 hours later it’s ready to use!

Removing bubble with Heat Gun

Master Piece is Ready!

Gloss after 24 hours



@krishnatolia – She is a self-taught artist from Mumbai who draws most of her inspiration from nature and loves the conflicting simplicity and complexity of abstract art.


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