#5 Distressed Vintage Car

#5 Distressed Vintage Car

Welcome to Day 5 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Distressed Vintage Car” featuring a unique, aged look.

Materials Used:

1. Car Mould from Boowan Nicole

2. Jesmonite AC100

3. Jesmonite Yellow Oxide Pigment

4. Haksons Black Chalk Paint

5. Sand Paper

6. Haksons Highlighters: Gold, Silver, Bronze


Step-by-Step Process:

1. Preparing the Mould:

First, we took a car mould from @nicolemould. We mixed Jesmonite with yellow oxide and poured it into the mould, creating a single plain mould. After the Jesmonite set, we de-moulded the car.

2. Painting and Smudging:

Next, we diluted Haksons black chalk paint with water and painted it over the car.

As each side was painted and the paint was still wet, we smudged it with a tissue paper to create a distressed effect. We repeated this process on all sides of the car.

3. Sanding:

Once the paint was dry, we took sand paper and lightly sanded various parts of the car to enhance the distressed look.

4. Highlighting:

Finally, we used Haksons highlighters in gold, silver, and bronze to highlight various parts of the car, such as the rims, headlights, and other raised areas. This technique can be applied to any 3D mould you like, giving your creations a unique, vintage feel.

Mistakes / Things We Could Do Better:

The first paint application on the windshield was very thick and not diluted enough, so the distressed look was not as effective as desired. For better results, ensure the paint is properly diluted before applying it to achieve the ideal distressed effect.


Creating this Distressed Vintage Car was a fun and insightful process. By following the steps above and experimenting with different techniques, you can create your own unique and stunning distressed pieces. Don’t forget to check the link in our bio for more detailed tips and insights!

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