#16 Gold Web Petri Dish

#16 Gold Web Petri Dish

Welcome to Day 16 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Gold Web Petri Dish,” featuring a stunning web-like structure and vibrant colors.


Materials Used:

1. Petri dish / capsule mould

2. Haksons Prime Art Resin (2:1)

3. Haksons Pearl Pigment - Special Gold

4. Haksons Prime Cast Resin (3:1)

5. Haksons Translucent Pigments (Haksons Colour Drops or Haksons Concentrated Pigments)


Step-by-Step Process:


1. Creating the Web Structure:

We started by taking a Petri dish or capsule mould and using Haksons Prime Art Resin (2:1) to create a clear web-like structure. We allowed this to cure fully.

2. Brushing with Gold Pigment:

Once the resin cured, we brushed Haksons Pearl Pigment - Special Gold over the web-like structure, highlighting the intricate design.

3. Filling with Colors:

Next, we took Haksons Prime Cast Resin (3:1), divided it into different cups, and mixed various translucent pigments (Haksons Colour Drops or Haksons Concentrated Pigments) into each cup. We then filled each web-like space with a different color. The colors blended slightly, creating a beautiful effect.

4. Final Layer of Clear Resin:

After allowing the colors to cure, we poured a final layer of clear Prime Cast Resin to seal the design.

5. De-Moulding:

Once fully cured, we demoulded the piece to reveal a stunning Gold Web Petri Dish with vibrant, intermingled colors.



Creating this Gold Web Petri Dish was a fascinating and rewarding process. By following the steps above and experimenting with different pigment combinations, you can create your own unique and eye-catching designs. Don’t forget to check the link in our bio for more detailed tips and insights!


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