#6 Neon Marble Planter

#6 Neon Marble Planter

Welcome to Day 6 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Neon Marble Planter” featuring vibrant neon hues and a stunning marbling effect.

Materials Used:

1. Candle Jar Mould with Wooden Lid from Boowan Nicole

2. Jesmonite AC100

3. Jesmonite Pigments: Blue, & White

4. Haksons Fluorescent Pigmenst: Pink, & Violet

5. Haksons Beeswax Sealant

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Preparing the Mould:

We started with the Candle Jar mould with a wooden lid. The first step was to pour a single light blue Jesmonite pigment towards one side while keeping the mould tilted.

2. Adding Neon Pigments:

Next, we added Haksons Floro pigment in pink and violet together, creating a marbling effect.

3. Incorporating White Pigment:

We then added a little bit of white Jesmonite towards one side to give a bit of a highlight 

4. Final Marbling:

We added a mix of Jesmonite white pigment and blue pigment, continuing the marbling technique while keeping the mould tilted towards one side. We finished with violet pigment at the end.

5. De-moulding and Sealing:

After the Jesmonite set, we de-moulded the planter. To protect and enhance the finish, we sealed it with Haksons Beeswax sealant.


Mistakes / Things We Could Do Better:

1. Improper Mixing:

We should have used a high shear mixing blade even for smaller quantities. You can see white spots due to improper mixing. When using floro pigments, mixing becomes even more important than usual.

2. Pouring Issues:

When we poured the blue solid, it stuck to the outer part of the mould, making the appearance a little weird. Ensuring even and controlled pouring can help avoid such issues.


Creating this Neon Marble Planter was a fun and insightful process. By following the steps above and experimenting with different pigment combinations, you can create your own unique and vibrant planters. Don’t forget to check the link in our bio for more detailed tips and insights!

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