#21 Amethyst Crystal Pendant

#21  Amethyst Crystal Pendant

Welcome to Day 21 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Amethyst Crystal Pendant,” featuring beautiful amethyst crystals encased in clear resin.


Materials Used:

1. Amethyst crystals

2. Candy sticks

3. BohriAli's release tape

4. Dow Corning Neutral Plus Silicone

5. Haksons Easy Mould Silicone (Part A and B, 1:1 ratio)

6. Haksons Ultra Clear Resin

7. Pigments

8. Drill and chain


Step-by-Step Process:

1. Creating the Border:

We started by taking two amethyst crystals and creating a border around them using candy sticks and BohriAli's release tape. To seal the joints of the border, we used Dow Corning Neutral Plus Silicone. We waited 15 minutes for the silicone to cure.

2. Mixing the Silicone:

Next, we mixed Haksons Easy Mould Silicone parts A and B in a 1:1 ratio. Using a brush, we carefully brushed the mixture over the crystals to ensure that the surface didn't have any bubbles.

3. Pouring the Silicone:

We then poured the remaining mixture to cover the entire inside of the border. After a few hours, the silicone had cured and was ready for use.

4. Casting the Resin:

We poured Haksons Ultra Clear Resin with different pigments to cast the pendant. Once the resin cured, we drilled holes to fit a chain.

5. Final Touch:

Finally, we added the chain to the pendant, completing our beautiful amethyst crystal pendant.

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