How Twinkle Suba found Joy and Healing through Resin Art Creativity.

How Twinkle Suba found Joy and Healing through Resin Art Creativity. -

Over the past few months, I have come to realise that resin art is truly one of the most beautiful forms of art. It is therapeutic and elegant, and creates results that are incredible. I am still learning and there is a long way for me to go in developing my skills as an artist and my abilities as an entrepreneur. I truly believe I have found something that makes me happy and makes me wake up with the zeal to create every morning.

Quality resin does not come cheap, and raw materials for epoxy resin art can add up. While I promise you, it is worth it- it is important to use every drop of resin judiciously.  

I started working with art at the age of 2, and I believe that I was born to create art, and play with colour.

epoxy resin artist

I loved art classes, I loved colours and was constantly fascinated and intrigued by the ever-changing and dynamic world of art. I realised I loved design so I went on to do a diploma in Interior Designer. 

I was always fascinated by home decor and furniture, and spent hours looking at photos of creations that albeit functional, were masterpieces in their aesthetics- capable of completely changing the look and feel of homes. Thanks to some random internet algorithms, I found Mrs. Colourberry, and was first introduced to resin art and went down a really deep hole of looking at some incredible videos on Instagram of resin art. However, at this point I was in an extremely well paid marketing job, completely unrelated to what I had studied. However, my relationship with colour didn’t end, and my job was still in the nail care space. 

Finally, in 2019 I quit my job and started experimenting with resin. I started studying the material about epoxy resin for art, and the more I learnt- the more intrigued I was. 

silicone resin moulds

I then found BohriAli, and their famous river tables. The stunning table I came across was crafted using BohriAli's epoxy resin & hardener , along with other premium-quality materials.

I ordered my first batch, even though I had to wait for international shipping and pay 3x the cost compared to what Indian customers pay. However, it was absolutely worth it – more than worth it, in fact. It was a life-changing experience.

Since sourcing resin was such an arduous task back then, it became incredibly important to use every drop of it judiciously. I think one of my USPs as an artist is being extremely conscious of the waste I create. One of the ways I make sure extra resin doesn’t get wasted is by keeping a handful of moulds handy. It allows me to create these wonderful art pieces that are incredibly unique.

They are small but they do make a big impact on my small business, especially when a client not only appreciates my work but also purchases them. 

So, my recommendation to all resin artists is that they must always have a set of clean silicone molds for resin of Alphabets, Keychains, Earrings, Mini coasters or any other silicone resin moulds of your own choice well cleaned and around to create such pieces. 

Additionally, there is also a question of what to do about the drops of resin that fall off when creating larger artworks and projects. For this, I recommend that you peel them off from the plastic you are using as a base and use those drips in your creations big or small, there’s no specific rules when it comes to creating just let your ideas flow and keep pouring!

What I personally love to do with these waste resin drips is put it in a safe, designated box till you are ready to use them. 

This is a practice I have followed since the beginning of my resin journey. My ultimate goal is to create a large resin drip canvas someday. 

epoxy resin & hardener

To achieve this, I trust and rely on BohriAli's best epoxy resin for crafts and other high-quality materials, which I consider the optimal choice for all my crafting projects.

In conclusion, resin changed my life. When I call it therapeutic, when I call it meditative I truly mean it in every sense of the word. This incredible art form has helped me reel from unimaginable losses, and get up on days I have felt unimaginable pain.

I have woken up on tough days with a need to create, and for that I will always be grateful.

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Twinkle Suba, is a fairly new but passionate resin artist and the founder of the company Twirazon. She resides in Muscat, Oman. She studied Interior Design and Pune worked as a Brand Manager for Loreal before starting her resin journey. Today, Twirazon has customers from all over the Middle east, and more specifically the Oman market. and is growing at an exponential pace everyday.

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