#8 Floral Iceberg Coasters

#8 Floral Iceberg Coasters

Welcome to Day 8 of our 100 Days 100 Designs challenge! Today, we’re excited to share our latest creation – the “Floral Iceberg Coasters” combining the beauty of Jesmonite and resin.

Materials Used: 

1. Square Coaster Moulds

2. Jesmonite AC100

3. Jesmonite White Pigment

4. Haksons Ultra Clear Resin

5. Iceberg Blue Colour Drops (Translucent Pigment)

6. Dried Flowers


Step-by-Step Process: 

1. Preparing the Mould:

We took two square coaster moulds and diagonally placed a candy stick after cutting it to the right size.

2. Pouring Jesmonite:

In both moulds, we poured Jesmonite AC100 mixed with white pigment on one half, filling it only halfway. We let it cure.

3. Pouring Resin:

Next, we poured resin mixed with iceberg blue color drops (translucent pigment) on the other half, to a level slightly below the cured Jesmonite.

4. Adding Dried Flowers:

We placed a few dried flowers in the resin and let it cure.

5. Topping with Jesmonite:

Finally, we topped the cured resin with Jesmonite AC100 to complete the coasters.

6. De-mould and seal 


Mistakes / Things We Could Do Better: 

1. Candy Stick Removal:

When pulling the candy stick out in one of the two coasters, we didn’t pull it out carefully, resulting in a crack-like appearance. Ensuring careful removal can prevent this issue.

2. Flower Placement:

We placed the flowers without realizing that the bottom side would be the top, affecting the intended appearance. Proper planning of placement is essential.


Creating these Floral Iceberg Coasters was a fun and insightful process. By following the steps above and learning from our mistakes, you can create your own unique and beautiful coasters. Don’t forget to check the link in our bio for more detailed tips and insights! 

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