Ajay A-113 Single Open End Spanner

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A wrench (also called a spanner) is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects—usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts—or keep them from turning

Rs. 92


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Rs. 92 ATC-SOE-22mm 22mm
Rs. 107 ATC-SOE-24mm 24mm
Rs. 142 ATC-SOE-27mm 27mm
Rs. 171 ATC-SOE-30mm 30mm
Rs. 201 ATC-SOE-32mm 32mm
Rs. 301 ATC-SOE-34mm 34mm
Rs. 301 ATC-SOE-36mm 36mm
Rs. 342 ATC-SOE-38mm 38mm
Rs. 448 ATC-SOE-41mm 41mm
Rs. 537 ATC-SOE-46mm 46mm
Rs. 749 ATC-SOE-48mm 48mm
Rs. 749 ATC-SOE-50mm 50mm
Rs. 1,121 ATC-SOE-55mm 55mm
Rs. 1,593 ATC-SOE-60mm 60mm
Rs. 2,006 ATC-SOE-65mm 65mm
Rs. 3,304 ATC-SOE-70mm 70mm
Rs. 4,248 ATC-SOE-75mm 75mm
Rs. 5,310 ATC-SOE-80mm 80mm
Rs. 6,726 ATC-SOE-85mm 85mm
Rs. 9,440 ATC-SOE-90mm 90mm
Rs. 10,856 ATC-SOE-95mm 95mm
Rs. 12,390 ATC-SOE-100mm 100mm
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