Mirka Sand Paper Kit for Resin and Wood 80 - 4000 Grit

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Mirka Kit 80-4000


Mirka Sanding Paper Kit for Resin and Wood 

Range : 80-4000Grit

Rs. 1,900

The new Novastar disc abrasives by Mirka are their answer to improving abrasive manufacturing technology.

With new optimised grains, coating and curing techniques as well as their re-developed multihole pattern, the Novastar has a unique dust-repellent surface that does not clog. This, along with it being waterproof, is the key to its top performance making the grains stay sharper for longer. It is ideal for hard surfaces where a tough film abrasive with long service life and improved performance is needed.

The Novastar comes available in a grit range of 80-500 with a diameter of 150mm.


Microstar has a special stearate layer and a smooth film backing. This product has a high quality finish and lasts longer as it doesn't clog as easily as traditional products. Microstar produces a fine scratch pattern that is easy to polish out. For a perfect result, it is recommended to use Microstar with a 5 mm interface pad. Microstar is intended for dry sanding only.

Mirka  Abralon Foam Disc/Pads 150mm P180 Grit to P4000 Grit Abralon is a unique multifunctional patented sanding material developed for the flexible sanding of both smooth and profiled surfaces.

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