Artmaster Airbrush AC-60

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 Double action Trigger,Gravity feed with detachable top colour cup.

Nozzle - Brass I.D. 0.7MM

Model - AC-60

Cup - 60 Ml Durlene

User - Commercial Artists ,Architects,Modelers Thermocole,Decorative & Fabric Painters.Best for finishing small & medium articles.

Medium - Water,Food,Fabric Colours,Inks,Duco & Oil Paints

Rs. 1,649

​At BohriAli, we love to help provide solutions for our customers to be able to make beautiful things.

Here is the story of our customer who has been using Art Master Air Brush AC-100 SS (Pen guns) along Noiseless Mini Compressor from BohriAli


Here’s Chef Taha Khan, talking about Le Flamington, showcasing how they use BohriAli products on a day-to-day basis and how it enhances the working experience.

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