Esdee Syncoat Black Stipple Finish

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Esdee Stipple Finish paint can be used on any metal surface like steel furniture, machinery, electric motor, panel board etc.

Rs. 249

Product Data:

Surface Preparation Ensure surface is smooth and free from grease, dust, grime, rust and all loose particles.
Priming Use Esdee Red Oxide Metal Primer for metal surface.
Direction For Use  Stir  well before use. Application should be done by spray only at a pressure of 40-60 pound/sq inch. For best result apply
 first coat as a mist coat and thereafter 3 minutes later apply the final coat.
Thinning Use Esdee Special Stipple Finish Thinner or NC Thinner for thinning if required.
Drying Surface dry within 20-30 minutes and hard dry within 24 hours.
Finish  Esdee Stipple Finish paint will provide beautiful stipple pattern with glossy surface.

Note: Shades are shown for indication purpose only.

         The actual supplies may differ slightly in shade.

Colour Family Blacks
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