Asian Paints Premium Semi-Gloss Enamel

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Asian Paints Premium Semi Gloss Enamel provides semi glossy finish and good resistance to stains. It has low odour and excellent non-yellowing properties. It does not yellow with passage of time, unlike alkyd enamels, giving your doors that 'shiny-as-new' look for a long time.

Available in more than 1500 shades.

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Highly Washable

Prevents stains like pickles, crayons & sauces from spoiling the look of your house!

Odour Free

Premium Semi Gloss Enamel does not have any smell like a regular enamel paint - you won’t even realise that your house is being painted!

Non Yellowing

Remains white even after a few years, whereas regular enamels start becoming yellow and looking old!

Quick Drying

Quick Drying Dries within 30 minutes & can be recoated in 4 hours - so you can finish your paint job in just one day - unlike regular enamels which require 2 days!

Anti Fungal

Resists fungal attacks that result in black spots on the surfaces of doors, walls & cupboardsenamels start becoming yellow and looking old!

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