Asian Paints Royale Lustre

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Royale Lustre provides a very tough and durable finish to your walls. When applied with a roller, it imparts a characteristic Dana pattern on to the wall.

Available in more than 3000 shades.

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Enhanced durability

Royale Lustre ensures the paint film lasts far longer than regular emulsions.

Rich Sheen finish with a distinct Dana pattern

Royale Lustre offers a rich satin shimmer to your walls that enhances the interiors of your home. The unique dana pattern, offers a finish that is unmatched by any other product. A choice of over 1750 colours ensures that you are always spoilt for choice.

Enhanced stain resistance

The TeflonTM Surface Protector has enhanced stain resistance that protects your walls from all kinds of stains. The paint film works to prevent stains from penetrating the surface and ensures easy cleanability. Even the toughest of household stains like turmeric and ink, are reduced to a large extent, while all water based stains like tea, coffee, etc are completely removed.

Anti-fungal shield

This is designed to prevent any kind of fungal growth on walls

Anti-yellowing, less odour and irritation in eyes

Royale Lustre is a water-based paint that protect your walls from yellowing. It has less odour and since it uses only water as a solvent, it causes almost no irritation during painting.

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