Esdee Syncoat Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint (250˚C - 400˚C)

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It has good Heat Resistance properties and hence is suitable for use on Chimneys, Stacks, Boilers, Ovens, Furnace Parts, Automobile Exhausts and other surfaces which are subjected to constant heat.
There are two Grades:
Type 1 : Heat Resistance upto 250˚C
Type 2 : Heat Resistance upto 400˚C
(These products generally conform to IS:13183:1991 in performance)

Rs. 262


Rs. 294

  • Type 1 (Upto 250˚C)
  • Type 2 (Upto 400˚C)

Product Data:

Type  Based on Special Synthetic Resins & Special Leafing Aluminium Paste, supplied in a separate pack,to be mixed before use.
Colour Bright Aluminium
Specific Gravity 0.90 ± 3%
Viscosity  20 ± 5 seconds by Flow Cup No.4 at 30˚C
Finish Smooth and Lustrous
Drying Time at 30˚C To be cured at 150˚C for 1 hour
Stoving Schedule  150˚C for 1 hour after 15 minutes flash off
Flash Point  Above 25˚C
Scratch Hardness  Passes 750 gms 
Adhesion & Flexibility
(After 48 Hours Drying)
Heat Resistance  Passes
Application By Spray or by Brush 
Thinner Not required normally
Theoretical Spreading 8-12 Sq.M/Ltr per coat 20-30 Microns D.F.T
Shelf Life 6 Months in separate sealed pack at normal ambient temprature.
Remarks  • Mix both components well to make a homogeneous mixture.
• Apply on a properly cleaned, derusted and treated surface, without any primer.
• After the paint is cured, allow the object to heat slowly to attain maximum working temperature.
• Select the grades as per end use.
Pack Size  1 Ltr, 4 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs. (20 ltrs will take a minimum of 15 days)
Colour Family Greys & Silvers
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- Rs. 262 - 1 Ltr Type 1 (Upto 250˚C)
- Rs. 423 - 1 Ltr Type 2 (Upto 400˚C)
- Rs. 1,005 - 4 Ltrs Type 1 (Upto 250˚C)
- Rs. 1,650 - 4 Ltrs Type 2 (Upto 400˚C)
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