Haksons Easy Mould Silicone


Haksons Easy Mould Silicone

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Haksons Easy Mould Silicone is a revolutionary 1:1 two part product that can be used to cast any product you want! A working time of 20-25 minutes and a full cure period of 3 hours, this product will allow you to create a cast of anything you require in no time! A mould for a crystal can easily be made in about 40 gms. 

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1. The Haksons Easy Mould Silicone comes in a 1:1 ratio.

2. Use a master of the desired product you want to create.

3. Mix the Part A and Part B together and stir till it becomes one homogenous mixture. Roll the material in the container to let bubbles move out and allow the product to let bubbles come up to the surface. You will find that once the bubbles come up to the surface they will go away. 

4. Use a tooth brush to get rid of any loose particles that may be, and brush on a thin coat of the silicon on the surface using the tooth brush. Once you do that, you can pour the remaining silicone on it. It is important to have a boundary for the mould you want to create - like a paper cup or a plastic box which will become the outer wall of your silicone mould 

5. Make sure you finish your mould making within 20 minutes and not move it post that. 

6. You will find that bubbles are under the surface and those on the surface pop away. To absolutely get rid of all bubbles, use of a vaccuum chamber is recommended.

7. Use Haksons Epoxy Resin or other materials to cast your product with variations!

Watch our Tutorial on using Haksons Easy Mould Silicone 


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