Haksons Resin & Hardener - Easy Cast Epoxy Resin Clear Coat 20kg

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On popular demand, Haksons introduces an economical epoxy resin that has all the casting properties of the fan favourite Haksons Ultra Clear at an unbeatable price. The Haksons Easy Cast Epoxy Resin is available in a convenient 20 kg pack with a 15 kg resin pack and a 5 kg hardener pack and is suited for all table applications where pigments are being used. It is to be used in 3:1 ratio by weight! 

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Rs. 15,499

The Haksons Easy Cast Epoxy Resin can be purchased from Bohriali.com and delivered across India in 1-5 days depending on your pin code.

The product lives up to the quality expected from Haksons and is completely - 


3:1 by weight 

Bubble Free

Cast friendly

Minimal VOC 

Easy machining in 24 hours

With a pot life of 4-5 hours once poured, the Haksons Easy Cast is going to help enable river table manufacturers in india provide cost effective river tables at a great price to the vast demands of the India Market. Tried and tested over many many pours by the BohriAli team, the Haksons Easy Cast is a great product positioned between the Haksons High Gloss and the Haksons Ultra Clear. It is slightly pale yelllow and not suited for clear casting without pigments but completely suited for castings with pigments! 

Haksons Concentrated Pigments can be mixed with the Haksons Ultra Clear Grade 1 Resin and Hardener to tint it in different colours.

For a crystal clear grade 1 experience, use the Haksons Ultra Clear!  

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The video below takes you through a detailed process of 'How to Make a River Table' !

This video takes you through the detaile process needed to finish a river table to perfection!



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