Haksons Fluorescent Powders - Orange UV Colour

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Haksons introduces you to an exclusive range of fluorescent powders available in eight exciting colours. Mix these powders with our water based binder or Supercol PVA and achieve amazing results. Be it Idol paining, decorative art, body art, neon events and much more. These colours have been bought by patrons visiting our stores in Pune for many many years. Through BohriAli.com, we are intorducing them to the Indian audience at large! 

Rs. 99


1) Glows under UV Light

2) Vibrant bright finish

3) Water Soluble

4) Can be mixed with Haksons Epoxy Resin, NC Clear Paint etc

5) This will NOT glow in the dark

6) Watch the video below to see its application with Haksons Resin and Hardener

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