Haksons Fluorescent Paint-Red

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Haksons fluorescent paint now available online!

Make the perfect UV lighting painting project come to life with Haksons Fluorescent paint!

Available in 7 cool colours!

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  • 100gms
  • 500gms

Haksons manufacture and supply specialist UV Re-Active paints for the Professional and Retail markets. Using Ultra Violet pigments of the highest quality in a water based medium. Our paints are designed specifically to carry these pigments and give optimum fluorescence under neon and UV lighting. Our technical advisers are on hand to answer any and all questions you may have.

 It is a paint that dries to a crystal hard wearing finish, water-resistant and can be applied to  just about anything imaginable, from POSTER DESIGN, to ROOM Decoration, Murals and even toys. Great for that summer lift up that your room requires or your child’s School Project or a neon Banner you want to use to push your message through.

These paints are also available in high quality powdered pigments. Please browse our online store or give us a call to get your hands on them today!

 Haksons are an associate firm of the 135-year-old business - A.A.Hakim and have been well established over the years and have a reputation within the surface coating industry for supplying quality products. We are now proud to offer our products via BohriAli.com all over India. Why not check out our Material Glow in the Dark and UV Range of  items in the online store and grab yourself a bargain. UV Paints fluoresce brighter under UV light, they do not Glow in the Dark .

Our UV Paint range can be used in Theater's, Children's Bedrooms and Laser centers as well as Crazy UV Golf and Bowling Ally's

Suitable for Airbrushing, painting, stenciling  etc.

 Disclaimer: Images are for visual representation, Please test a small area before committing to use our products. Haksons Enterprises will not be held responsible for any misuse or damage caused. Paints are not suitable for children unless supervised or specifically tested for child safety and usage. Please see our full Terms and conditions for further information or email if you have any questions. 

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