Liberty Brass Hex Bolt M6 (Length 10 - 100 mm)

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BohriAli brings to you Brass Hardware by Liberty which can be used for a variety of applications. Liberty Brass Hex bolt shown here is available in a wide range of sizes having a diameter of M5 to M12 and lengths of 15mm to 100 mm. These are commonly used where there is a wet environment, in electronics, electrical applications and much more.  

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Applications of Brass Hardware

Brass hardware provide a cost effective application for engineers looking to use them for the following applications

Electrical Hardware


Wiping glands

Earthing rods

Earth bars

Terminal blocks

Terminal connectors

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- Rs. 7 - 15mm
- Rs. 8 - 20mm
- Rs. 8 - 25mm
- Rs. 10 - 30mm
- Rs. 12 - 40mm
- Rs. 15 - 50mm
- Rs. 6 - 10mm
- Rs. 7 - 12mm
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