Haksons Resin & Hardener -Ultra Clear High Gloss Epoxy Resin Coat -Grade I

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The Haksons Ultra Clear Grade 1 Resin and Hardener is an upgrade from the Haksons High Gloss Resin and Hardener. Each pack contains Resin and Hardener in a 3:1 ratio which is the ratio in which the product must be used. For best results pour 10 mm thickness at once.
This is an epoxy clear finish product soecifically designed for outdoor and indoor creative applications.

Scroll down to watch a brief video showcasing the Haksons Ultra Clear Resin and Hardener! The second video gives you an in-depth tutorial into 'How to make your own Resin River Table with Haksons Ultra Clear Resin and Hardener'

Rs. 889

The Haksons Ultra Clear Grade 1 Resin and Hardener works extremely well in outdoor applications and will not yellow with time. This product has no other competition when it comes to clarity and finish. This product is a favourite amongst artists and experts who have been using Haksons Resin and Hardener since many years. 

Haksons Concentrated Pigments can be mixed with the Haksons Ultra Clear Grade 1 Resin and Hardener to tint it in different colours.

Use the Artists Blow Torch to remove air bubbles from your Resin Art. Our Haksons Resin Supplies category will give you all the products you need to use for resin flooring, resin art, resin table tops, resin jewellery, resin gap filling and much much more! Our Pinterest Board has a collection of projects done by our artists and others from across the world! 

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Our blog gives you an insight into some interesting techniques which can be used with Haksons Ultra Clear High Gloss Epoxy Resin!

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