Rexello RD series castros

The wheel in a Swivel Castor revolves on an axle which is displaced horizontally in relation to the swivel center. This displacement is know as 'Offset'. It is the offset that permits directional change, the characteristice castor action and in motion causes the wheel to trail behind the swivel center. Although the offset is essential for castoring, it also has the effect of transmitting off-center loading to the swivel. The load carried, combined with shock loads resulting from uneven floor surfaces and obstacles will impose these severe thrust and radial loads on the swivel and it is therefore desirable that the swivel bearing is as large as possinle and constructed to distribute and contain these forces over the full diameter of the bearing. The original Rexello swivel effectively covers this requirement and is designed around a ball race made to the maximum diameter alowed by the size of the castor frame. We have the RD 1, RD 2, RD 3 serieses of castors covering load capacities of 16Kg to 135kg for sale. Customised top fixtures and wheels can be ordered on enquiry.

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