Loctite Gasketing Compounds/RTV Silicones

Any of a wide variety of seals or packings used between matched machine parts or around pipe joints to prevent the escape of a gas or fluid. Loctite Gaskets prevent leakage of liquids or gases by forming impervious barriers between mating surfaces. Fluid gasket seals are divided into static and dynamic systems, depending on whether or not the parts move in relationship to each other.

LOCTITE® gasketing products are self-forming gaskets that provide a perfect seal between components, with maximum face-to-face contact, eliminating flange face corrosion. A low pressure seal is formed immediately on assembly and, at full cure, it provides a seal that won’t shrink, crack or relax. 

LOCTITE gasket & flange sealants can provide up to 95% material savings over hard gaskets while offering flexibility in design, allowing for lower cost manufacturing methods.

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