#3: Scenic Landscape Tray: How We Made It

#3: Scenic Landscape Tray: How We Made It

Materials Used:

1. Jesmonite AC100

2. Pigments: Yellow Oxide, Blue, Green, Red Oxide, Bright Yellow, Black, White

3. Petri Dish Mould / Capsule Mould

4. Pencil and Paper

5. Haksons Beeswax Sealant


Step-by-Step Process:

1. Planning and Preparation:

First, we sketched our desired landscape design on a piece of paper. This included marking areas for mountains, water, the sun, and trees, and planning which colors to use for each section.

We placed the petri dish mould over the sketch under sunlight so we could see the pencil markings through the coaster. This guided us on where to pour each color.

2. Pouring the Layers:

Land/Sand: We started by mixing Jesmonite AC100 with Yellow Oxide pigment and poured it into the section marked for land/sand.

Water: Next, we mixed a little Blue pigment with Jesmonite and poured it into the water area.

Trees: We then mixed Green pigment with Jesmonite for the trees on the side.

Mountains: For the mountains, we mixed Red Oxide pigment with a little Black pigment to achieve the desired color and poured it into the mountain area.

Sun: We used Bright Yellow pigment for the sun.

Birds and Sky: Carefully, we drew three birds using Black pigment, just a simple ‘V’ shape. Then, we mixed White pigment with a drop of Blue and poured it into the remaining areas for the sky.

3. Curing and Finishing:

We waited for about 30 minutes for the Jesmonite to cure.

After curing, we demoulded the tray and applied Haksons Beeswax Sealant to give the final piece a beautiful shine and protection.


Mistakes / Things We Could Do Better:

1. Mixing Consistency:

Mistake: We noticed spotting and lumps in the final tray due to mixing with a candy stick.

Tip: Use a high-shear mixing blade for smoother results. Although the quantity was small, investing in small mixing blades can provide a more professional finish.

Re-create this design

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