Haksons Metallic Gold Glass Colours - (Opaque)

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 Haksons Glass colours are designed to be used for Stain glass projects. They can be used to tint Haksons Resin and Hardener in 16 different shades. The available shades are metallic, fluorescent and standard clear shades shown in the product images.

This is a sample of the Haksons Gold glass colour applied on glass. It is an opaque shade.

Rs. 87

Haksons Glass colours are designed to give an amazing finish to your glass. These colours can be mixed with Haksons Resin and Hardener which can be used on glass directly. Ideal application is by using a spray gun to apply on glass. They are available in 16 different shades including metallic opaque shades, clear shades and fluorescent shades. 

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- Rs. 87-30 ml
- Rs. 242-100 ml
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