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    Century old businesses
    moving forward with the times

    Trust us with BohriAli.com the same way you would trust us when you visit our shops!

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    Bringing Pune’s most
    vibrant marketplace to you online

    Through BohriAli.com we aim to bring Pune’s biggest market to you in a new and innovative avatar online with the same customer satisfaction.
    Whatever you need, BohriAli is the place to get it!

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    The Paint People

    Let our experts colour your homes with our trademark painting solutions.

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    Authorised Dealers, Actual Stock,
    100% Genuine Products

    All our products are 100% genuine and have been trusted by customers, industries, artists, contractors etc for generations!

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    A haven for
    DIY enthusiasts and Artists!

    Our Do-It-Yourself section is inspired by all the artists who have been purchasing material from us over the years.
    Through BohriAli, we will focus on DIY and bring innovative DIY products to you.

What we have to offer

paint people

The Paint People

diy kits

D.I.Y. Kits

bohriali store

BohriAli Store


The Paint People

Please enter approximate total painting area in sq.ft. and choose the category of paint you wish. These are purely representative figures which give a rough estimation. Final estimations will be provided after visiting the actual site.

Type of Paint

Total Carpet Area


Your approximate expense (in Rs.)


The Paint People services are only available in Pune.
Visit the Paint People

Painting Tips

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    What Type of Paint Is Best?

    • There's two types: Oil-based & Water-based.
    • Modern water-based options, which dry faster and have less odor.
    • You can’t fail with a matte or eggshell finish on walls.
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    Dry days save your painting time

    • Moisture in the air keeps water-based paint from drying.
    • Skip the humid afternoon paint project and slow drying walls won’t wreck the rest of your day.
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    Consider the Tint Base

    • Tint base is used to form the foundation for a specific colour.
    • It helps determine how tough paint is and how well it can resist dirt and stains.
    • It also dictates how well paint holds up under tough scrubbing.

Featured Products

Sprayons spray paints are premium ozone friendly spray paints designed to give you a premium finish with a smooth odour free application process. Available in 53 shades, including fluorescent, industrial and decorative shades, Sprayons features a range of products that are thermocol safe. Frequently used for industrial touch ups, graffiti art, decorative purposes, home uses and much more.

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BohriAli’s extensive tool market sets the tone for a wide range of products available online. These include a range of innovative wrenches from Solsons, hand tools for every job, power tools from a range of world famous brands and more! Our range of tools are all available in stock in our physical stores! BohriAli.com gives you the option of purchasing these from anywhere you wish!

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Our LED store is in line with the #ILEDtheWAY campaign going on in India. We believe LED is the way forward. Not only does it mean that we save a lot of electricity but also we can do much more with our lights. Find a whole range of LED products with warranties of upto 5 years at our online store.
Look out for new product releases in this segment from us in the near future.

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About Us

We are 4th generation members of a family business amazed by the way business is done in Pune’s BohriAli. Our forefathers established our first shop almost 130 years ago and every day here in BohriAli is an experience that makes us richer in our life. As we aim to start off with BohriAli.com, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers, the industries that have faith in us, the numerous artists from in and around Pune, some of whom are customers since many generations (Just like us) and invite them to use BohriAli.com for their requirements. Our aim through Bohriali.com is to reach out to the customers that have trusted us over many decades and bring the trusted, seasoned reputed businesses of BohriAli to the e-commerce world in a way that does not compromise any of the principles with which these businesses have been run.

We are starting off with providing a painting service called ‘The Paint People’, a few ‘Do it Yourself’ kits and and extensive BohriAli store! Over time, we will increase the amount of products that we are looking to sell, the services we offer, and introduce new innovative DIY projects keeping with the signs of times.